Davis and Dowd Pottery


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In operation



Public sale notice for Davis & Dowd Pottery. “This is a Six-kiln Pottery and complete in all its apppointments” (Trenton Evening Times, Thursday, March 28, 1889).

“Davis operated his pottery until September 1887 when he sold it for $30,000 to a newly formed corporation, The Davis and Dowd Pottery Co. The new endeavor did not fare well and the pottery was sold to settle debts pursuant to court order in April 1889” (Goldberg 1998:18).

Selected References

Trenton Evening Times, Thursday, March 28, 1889.

Goldberg, David J. 1998 “Preliminary Notes on the Pioneer Potters and Potteries of Trenton, N.J.: The First Thirty Years – 1852 – 1882 (And Beyond).” Privately published, Trenton, New Jersey.

Other Names

Davis and Dowd Pottery Company

Block and Lot:
52B; 52C; NJ RT 26

Historic Street Address:
Greenwood Avenue corner of Jackson Street; Railroad between Jackson & Mercer; Taylor near Mercer; Mercer corner of Taylor; Taylor near Broad

City of Trenton