Potteries of Trenton Society

Photo Gallery

Lenox Buildings

Ceramic Art Factory Building Trenton, property of Potteries of Trenton Society

The remains of the Lenox factory in Trenton, NJ were recently demolished. The Ceramic Art Commpany was the orginal name of the pottery manufactory. These photos depict the factory as it was in the 1890s and in the 1920s.

Mayer’s Majolica

Mayer's Majolica, property of Potteries of Trenton Society

These Majolica wares were produced by the Arsenal Pottery, based on sherds recovered from ceramic waster dumps located along the Lamberton riverfront, between circa 1876 and 1908.

Maker's Marks

Hart Brewer pottery co. (ca. 1904)

POTS would like to make this a collection of assorted marks from Trenton potteries. At this time only one mark is pictured.


New Jersey Stoneware

Stoneware watch springs motif

The origins of the New Jersey stoneware industry seem to lie in the late 17th century with an awareness that high-grade clays suitable for making dense, hard, durable pottery were present in the South Amboy area of Middlesex County.

Richards' Kiln Site

Richards' Stoneware Forms

Mended pots and sherd from the Richards' Stoneware Kiln site in Trenton, NJ. William Richards was an entrepreneur from Philadelphia. According to tax records James Rhodes was hired as his potter for making stoneware in Trenton.

Trenton Rockingham

Ricards' Stoneware Forms

Rockingham ware is a distinctive type of mottled brown lead-glazed yellowware.