Bridal Registries

Lenox ad in Seventeen Magazine 1958

The bridal registry began before World War II, the brain child of Bride’s magazine, but it was not well developed as a marketing tool until Lenox China, of Trenton, New Jersey, advanced the practice. Basically, the wedding registry helps guests choose gifts the bride and groom desire by recording their choices. In terms of table china, the registry provided an opportunity to divide the cost of an expensive set of china by distributing the purchase of individual place settings among the guests. Lenox worked with Bride’s to promote the registry by holding seminars during the 1950s for retailers about how to make the registry work effectively. In the mid 1950s, the New York advertising agency D’Arcy developed a campaign for Lenox to run in Seventeen magazine using the memorable slogan “You get the license…I’ll get the Lenox” written by Phyllis Condon. The ad series promoted name recognition in the young consumer, who would be ready with her bridal registry choice as soon as he popped the question. The advertisement pictures the Kingsley pattern. Introduced in 1954, Kingsley was one of Lenox’s most popular patterns.