Fidelity Pottery Company


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sanitary earthenware (Industrial Directory 1906, 1909)


Known as the Fidelity Pottery Company in 1911 (Harney 1929).

This site appears to have been absorbed by the Circle F Manufacturing Co. sometime between 1919 and 1927. Some buildings date from at least 1908 when the Fidelity Pottery Co. was at this location. In 1902, the Fidelity Pottery Company moved to this site and also made sanitary pottery. In 1919 the site was taken over by the Fay and Youngs Rubber Corporation (Abramson and Karschner 1978:11).

“Charles H. Baker and J Harris Cogill founded Fidelity in 1902 to manufacture sanitary items” (Robinson and Feeny 1980:66).

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Other Names

Fidelity Pottery Company

Block and Lot:

Historic Street Address:
10 Prince Street; Mead Street corner of Prince Street; 2-10 Prince Street; Prince & Mead

City of Trenton