Etruria Pottery

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In operation    1871-1892


White granite and cream colored wares for tables, toilet and druggists’ use, complete line of decorated china and parian wares and statuary (Mains and Fitzgerald 1877);

Largely china and white granite ware, decorated goods, including a full line of dinner, tea, toilet, and hotel ware, opaque china goods, the “Century” dinner and tea ware and “Lochiel” toilet ware in opaque china, “Belleek” egg-shell china (Quarter Century’s Progress 1887:267)

Maker's Marks

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“It is due Messrs. Ott & Brewer to say that they have done more to elevate the art of pottery in Trenton than any single firm in the city, and it is not difficult for one to say this, because every competitor admits it without reserve and points with pride to the satisfactory results they have attained in the production of that peculiarly delicate porcelain which has been regarded as the very perfection of delicacy in the manufacture of artistic pottery.”

— “Among the Potters.” Trenton Evening Times, Sunday, November 15, 1885

Selected References

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Other Names

Ott & Brewer's Etruria Pottery Works; Etruria Pottery Company

Block and Lot:

Historic Street Address:
Clinton Avenue near Belvidere and Delaware Railroad; East of Normal School; Millham Road; North Clinton corner of Ott; Clinton corner of Ott; N. Clinton Avenue corner of Ott; Clinton Ave. east of Normal School

City of Trenton

1880 Census

Name in censusEtruria Pottery Co.
Number of hands200
Males above 16125
Females above 1525
May to Nov hours9
Nov to May hours8
Skilled wages2.5
Ordinary wages1.25
Total wages in year60000
Full time months12
Value of raw material100000
Value of product180000
Number of engines1
Horse power160