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decorated porcelain coffee sets and covered dishes, porcelain sculptures, lamps (Lehner 1980)


This company originated as Arton Studio, which was founded by Harry Greenberg of Philadelphia. Greenberg met Boleslaw Cybis at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. At some point in the 1940s Cybis moved to Trenton and worked for Greenberg at the Cordey China Company. By 1980 the Cordey China Company had become Schiller/Cordey, Inc. (part of Instrument Systems Corporation, a division of Litron Corporation) and was still in business at that time, making mostly table lamps (Robinson and Feeny 1980:60).

“Cordey China was founded in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1942 by Boleslaw Cybis, a Polish painter who had come to the World’s Fair in New York to paint murals for the Polish pavilion É The first actual listing I could find in the ‘Directory of New Jersey Manufacturers’ for Cordey China was in 1948 É Cordey China was listed continuously until 1963 É In 1969, Cordey China Company was acquired by Lightron Corporation. Lightron also purchased Schiller Bros., and in 1970 the two were combined to form Schiller Cordey Inc. which is currently making beautiful handmade porcelain lamps.” Cordey made tablewares in the 1940s, but phased these out by 1949 to concentrate instead on art pottery (Lehner 1980:46).

Cybis appears to have separated from Cordey in the 1950s and set up on his own as Cybis Porcelain.

Selected References

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Other Names

Cordey China Company; Schiller Cordey Inc.

Block and Lot:
210B/2, 6, 13

Historic Street Address:
Enterprise Avenue near Pennsylvania Railroad

City of Trenton