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white earthenware

Maker's Marks

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“Their ball clay is from the banks at South Amboy, New Jersey, while their china clay is procured from the State of Delaware, and from the celebrated banks on the Brandywine in Delaware County, Pennsylvania” (Everts & Stewart 1875:XII).

” … on October 1, 1875 [the City Pottery Company] É was organized under the manufacturing laws of New Jersey É the present company is composed of James Yates, President; John M. Allan, Vice-President; George Allan, Secretary, and John Rhodes, Superintendent” (Mains and Fitzgerald 1879).

Detailed retrospective provided in “The Trenton Potteries 20 years Ago and To-Day” (Trenton State Gazette, Monday, October 6, 1879).

In 1875 the pottery had 4 kilns and employed 125 hands (Woodward & Hageman 1883).

In 1886, it fell into receivership and was purchased by Maddock & Sons and became part of the Maddock site (Harney 1929).

“Business was conducted under the different partnership names and also as ‘Kenyon City Pottery,’ ‘Trenton City Pottery’ and finally as the ‘City Pottery.’ It is under this final name that the pottery is most generally referred to and most marked pieces bear the name City Pottery Co. or C. P. Co.” (Goldberg 1998:27-28).

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Other Names

City Pottery Company; Trenton City Pottery

Block and Lot:
36B/26-30, 33

Historic Street Address:
Perry St. between East Canal St. and Carroll St.; Canal St. corner of Perry St.; Delaware and Raritan Canal above Rose; Perry near Carroll; Carroll near Perry; Ewing corner of Ogden; Carroll and Ewing; Perry, Carroll and Ewing; Perry corner of Canal

City of Trenton

1880 Census

Name in censusCity Pottery Co.
Number of hands103
Males above 1673
Females above 1515
May to Nov hours9
Nov to May hours9
Skilled wages3
Ordinary wages1.25
Total wages in year46000
Full time months12
Value of raw material42000
Value of product100000
Number of engines1
Horse power40