Assunpink Pottery


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In operation



yellowware and Rockingham ware (Trenton State Gazette, Monday, August 27, 1866); yellowware (Harney 1929; Raum 1871); porcelain, Queensware, Rockingham and cane colored fireproof ware, druggist ware made to order (Goldberg 1998).


“The yellow and Rockingham wares are now manufactured almost exclusively in the potteries of Mr. H. Speeler and of Messrs. Lawton & Corey” (“The Manufactories of Trenton. Article II. The Pottery Trade.” Trenton State Gazette, Monday, August 27, 1866).

Detailed description of the operations of this pottery in 1869 is provided in “Assanpink Pottery Work — Henry Speeler & Sons” (Trenton State Gazette, Saturday, August 28, 1869).

Two boys killed in fire at Speeler’s Pottery on November 27, 1870 — James Haley and John Dunn Coward (Trenton State Gazette, November 28, 1870 and Trenton State Gazette, November 29, 1870).

In 1860 “He [Henry Speeler] purchased the foundry and machine shop established by Bottom and Tiffany along the west bank of the Delaware and Raritan Canal to the north of the Assunpink Creek and converted the plant to a pottery.” In 1868 Speeler was joined by his two sons and the pottery was renamed Henry Speeler and Sons. Henry Speeler passed away in 1871. In 1872 the pottery was sold to the Speeler Pottery Company (Goldberg 1998:21-22).

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Other Names

Henry Speeler; Henry Speeler & Sons; Assunpink Pottery Works Henry Speeler & Sons

Block and Lot:

Historic Street Address:
Canal Street near Front Street; West Canal and Assunpink; West Canal corner of Plymouth; East Front Street Basin; Stockton and Front Street Basin

City of Trenton

1870 Census

Name in censusAssunpink Pottery Works Henry Speeler & Sons
Capital Invested85000
Type of power 11 Steam
Horsepower 135
Machine name 1Whilers, jiggers, presses, etc.
Machine quantity 125
Raw material type 1Coal
Raw material quantity 11385 tons
Raw material value 18350
Raw material type 2Clay
Raw material type 3Chemicals
Raw material type 4Flint
Raw material type 5Spar
Raw material type 6Total
Raw material quantity 21500 tons
Raw material quantity 350 tons
Raw material quantity 4125 tons
Raw material quantity 5100 tons
Raw material value 27500
Raw material value 35500
Raw material value 42450
Raw material value 52200
Raw material value 62600
Product type 1White Granite CC Rock & Yellow Ware
Product value 168560
Male hands above 1655
Female hands above 168
Yearly wages35660
Months operating12