Artistic China Company

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In operation



fine china and porcelain (Quarter Century's Progress 1887:269)


“The manufacture and decorating of china and porcelain have made great advances latterly in the United States, and the demand for domestic-made goods is rapidly increasing, the fine china and porcelain being quite equal in quality and elegance to the best goods produced abroad. A prominent and progressive house in Trenton engaged in this useful industry is that of the Artistic China Company, whose office and works are situated at the corner of Seward Avenue. This business was established in 1878 as the Hope China Works, which were succeeded by the present company February 1887. The Artistic China Company has been duly incorporated under the laws of New Jersey with a paid-up capital of $10,000. The following gentlemen, who have gained an excellent reputation in mercantile circles for their business capacity, intelligence, skill, and integrity, are the officers, viz.: A.S. Rowland, president; William Burgess, treasurer; A.L. Rowland, secretary. The premises occupied comprise a three-story brick building 60×70 feet in dimensions. It is fully supplied with all modern appliances, apparatus, and machinery known to the trade. There are three kilns, two of which are for decorative work, in constant operation. Forty experienced and skilled workmen are employed, and the machinery is driven by a thirty-horse power steam engine. The works turns out weekly six hundred decorated toilet sets. The fine china and porcelain manufactured and decorated by the Artistic China Company are unrivaled for beauty of design, fine coloring, quality, and excellence, and have no superiors in Trenton or elsewhere, while the prices quoted are as low as the lowest. The trade of the house extends throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the adjoining States, and is steadily increasing owing to the superiority of its productions. The following goods are always kept in stock: Dinner, breakfast, tea, pie, and soup plates, fruit saucers, ice-cream, individual butters, comports, pickles, tea cups and saucers, coffee cups and saucers, after dinner coffees, teapots, sugar and cream bowls, cake plate, jug 30’s, nappies, bakers, cover dishes, casseroles, soup tureen, sauce tureen, sauce boat, covered butter, etc. É ” (Quarter Century’s Progress 1887:269).

Site was first used by Barlow in the 1880s for making hand-thrown pottery. The pottery sold in 1892 and became Artistic Pottery Works (Harney 1929).

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Other Names

Hope China Works; Artistic China Company; Artistic Company

Block and Lot:

Historic Street Address:
52-60 Seward Avenue

City of Trenton

1880 Census

Name in censusWarren Kimble
Number of hands20
Males above 1616
Females above 152
May to Nov hours10
Nov to May hours10
Skilled wages2
Ordinary wages1.25
Total wages in year6000
Full time months3
1/2 time months6
Months idle3
Value of raw material2232
Value of product10500
Number of engines1
Horse power80