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Thomas Warne c. 1790-1813

The Warne & Letts pottery came into being a few hundred feet east of the Morgan pottery, on the opposite side of the highway now known as N.J. Route 34. The exact year in which this pottery began operation is uncertain, but it appears to have initially set up by Thomas Warne on his own, on property owned originally by his father, Joshua Warne. Thomas Warne had married Mary Morgan, the sister of General James Morgan in 1786 and may have served as an apprentice to Captain James Morgan Sr. By 1804, Thomas Warne had entered into some sort of business relationship with Joshua Letts and the pottery was thereafter producing wares under the name "Warne & Letts." The Warne-Letts relationship was further cemented in 1805 when Letts married Warne's daughter, Meleny.